Hey Yall! My Natural Hair Care Blog has Finally Arrived!!

This is an incredibly exciting day for me. After shooting countless tutorials and speaking informally with friends always being the one giving haircare advice I have finally harnessed my love for natural haircare into a blog.

There will be improvements and changes to the look of the site over time….but one thing will remain true….my dedication to bringing you the best haircare tips and tutorials possible.

Thanks to all of the people who supported me in this process all the friends who have already given me support and the friends who brsinstormed with me like Makini love you hun! I have to give a special thanks to my brother who took so much time effort and energy out of his schedule today to make this happen for me. I love you thank you for all you do thank you for being the generous spirit and the reliable shoulder to lean on.

I look forward to sharing with you everything I’ve come to learn about how black natural hair can thrive and grow long and strong and I look forward to your feedback and the spirited discussion we will have. Have a wonderful day. Happy Hair Growth!!

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  1. Katelyne Parker

    Hey Lisa,

    This is a great blog. I look forward to learning more.

    I’ve been natural since 2002. My hair is actually mid-back length if straightened. So I believe in what you’re saying.

    On the most part, I prefer long hair styles. So, if you have some ideas on styles like that, I can’t wait to learn.

    By the way, I went natural without having to cut off my hair. Many women feel they have to cut but I am a living witness – that’s not the case. There are styles you can do to maintain your length until you are 100% natural. The relaxed hair sheds off gradually over time. It worked well for me. This is just another option.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Post

    Well thanks for checking it out and welcome fam!

    I always LOVE to speak to sista’s who have achieved mid back length fully natural. I hope you do an interview with me so you can share your regimen with the readers of this blog.

    Oh man, I have a wealth of styles I can recommend for naturals with long hair so definitely stay tuned for that.

    I agree wholeheartedly with you on not having to cut your hair to go natural I transitioned the same way :).

    Thanks for the well wishes Kate!

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